Wall hatch clickFIX® 56 PRO+


Full assembled and top insulated wall hatch. White, elegant, airtight inspection door | wall hatch with a 50 mm high-insulated door and white-primed casing.

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> The good insulation and unique construction make it airtight and prevent drafts.

> 2 sealing strips that meet the best airtight class.

> Wall hatch can be mounted right or left.

> A towing eye is included in the wall hatch, so that it can be mounted in horizontal surfaces, e.g. in the roof.

> Detachable handle.

> White-primed frame.


The wall hatch from DOLLE also has the well-known clickFIX® technology that ensures easy and quick installation, which with this PRO+ model has been made even easier. The wall hatch clickFIX® 56WH PRO+ has a nice white painted door with 50 mm insulation in expanded polystyrene. The unique construction and good insulation make it airtight and prevent drafts. The wall hatch has been tested and has a U-value: 0.65 W / (m2K) - see the certificate. The wall hatch has also been tested for airtightness - where it has achieved the highest airtight class - class 4 - according to EN 12207.

DOLLE clickFIX® 56WH PRO+ comes with snap lock, handle and sealing strip. The wall hatch can also be called an inspection hatch, it is mounted easily and simply according to the instructions in the enclosed installation instructions completely without the use of special tools. The wall hatch is FSC® certified.

The wall hatch is available in the size 60 x 60 cm (external size).

A white architrave can be purchased for wall hatch to ensure a nice finish.

Plastic architrave width 4.5 cm (max. casing size 70 × 120 cm).

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