Staircase CORK Beech

Stylish comfort meets value for money

Exceptionally deep and wide treads ensure a safe and comfortable ascent. The modular staircase CORK can be customised to suit your needs. Choose your design below.

Product Properties

Tread material
Solid beech
Tread finish
Tread width
71 cm
19,40 cm
Max. floor-to-floor height
360 cm

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Comfortable, practical and versatile

The CORK staircase is available in a range of formats and designs. This space-saving staircase combines a modern look with practical functionality. Its wide and deep treads are comfortable to walk on and completely safe. Customise your staircase in the drop-down menu. The staircase comes with 11 to 15 solid-wood treads for a floor-to-floor height of up to 360 cm. When installing 13 to 15 treads, a supporting pole must be installed. This will be included in the package. For lower height spans, simply remove excess treads. The surface of the treads is highly durable, scratch-resistant and easy to maintain thanks to a semi-gloss varnish. The rise for each tread can be adjusted between 18.5 and 22.5 cm.

Choose the design which suits you best

CORK can be installed as a straight flight, 1/4 turn or 1/2 turn with a selection of treads, banisters and elegant colours. Simply select the design which matches your taste and interior. The quarter-turn or half-turn can be placed anywhere on the staircase in line with your needs. Four wall brackets are included in the package. Two are needed if you install the staircase with a quarter-turn, or all four if you install it with a half-turn. The balusters are mounted on the outside and each is attached to two treads to maximise comfort and stability – as well as making the treads easier to clean! The top elements of the balusters are made of powder-coated aluminium for a flexible, robust join and a premium finish. The banister is powder-coated in same modern semi-gloss colours as the structural elements, and the handrail is made of solid wood to match the treads. So simple, yet so elegant!

Design is detail!

The CORK staircase is developed with a focus on design finish. The package includes covers to hide screws and assemblies, giving your staircase pure lines and an elegant, minimalist look.

To add the finishing visual touches (and boost safety), fit a landing banister to match the design of your staircase banister.

By default, the staircase is delivered with a one-side banister. To enhance both safety and convenience, a second banister can be purchased separately.

To enhance child safety, you can install riser bars under the treads in colours matching the staircase of your choice.

How to measure for a staircase

Go to our Measurement guide to learn how to measure your room for a staircase.

In our Dimensions you will find precise measurements of the staircase and explanation of staircase terminology.

Be aware this staircase is designed for rooms with a deck thickness of min. 20 cm. (rise + 2 cm).

CORK beech tread

Wood is a natural product and the natural colour of the wood may vary from tread to tread. Therefore, the colour reproduction of the images may not always reflect the actual colour of the wood.


  • Space-saving but accessible
  • Very comfortable to walk on
  • Ideal DIY project for a handyman!
  • Solid FSC®-certified wood


Product number
'Please select a variant'
Opening length
110 cm
Opening width
60 cm
Max. floor-to-floor height
360 cm
Tread rise
From 18,5 to 22,5 cm per tread (depending on floor-to-floor height)
Tread material
Solid beech
Tread finish
Tread thickness
38 mm
Tread width
71 cm
Tread depth
23 cm
19,40 cm
Handrail material
Beech | Varnished
Indoor use

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