Gardentop straight flight

Outdoor Staircase Gardentop without Handrail Banister is a very sturdy and extremely weather resistant stair

Outdoor Staircase Gardentop without Handrail Banister is a very sturdy and weather resistant straight flight staircase. Ideal for those who love a design in clean, pure lines. Safe even in wet conditions thanks to treads made of perforated steel sheets.

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Straight flight
Tread material
Metal, perforated

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A straight flight outdoor staircase with steel side panels for those who love a design in clean, pure lines.

Gardentop is a straight flight staircase for outdoor use. It connects levels of your outdoor living space and decorates it with clean and pure lines.

Weather resistant and safe in wet weather

It is especially important with this type of staircase, that the materials are weather resistant, and that the use of the stairs is safe even in wet weather conditions. Hot-dip galvanized steel side panels are used for the stringers and perforated sheets in hot-dip galvanized steel are used for the treads as this is a particularly suitable material.

The outdoor staircase Gardentop is available with treads in widths of 80 or 100 cm. It comes in different heights from 2 treads (height 36-44 cm) up to 6 treads (height 108-132cm). (For further heights please contact us.)

It is ideal for terraces with rather low heights and can also be the perfect solution if you want to connect other levels of your garden spaces. The desired heights can easily be achieved by assembling individual sections.

The Gardentop staircase is also available with two different handrail banisters up to 12 treads (height 216-264cm). (For further heights please contact us.) See articles numbers from 5081012 to 5081055 Outdoor Staircase Gardentop with Handrail Banister.


  • Extremely weather resistant
  • Safe treads in perforated hot-dip galvanized steel sheets
  • Elegant design in clean, pure lines
  • Available in in widths of 80 or 100 cm
  • Also available with handrail banisters


Straight flight
Total going
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Tread material
Metal, perforated
Tread finish
Hot galvanized according to EN ISO 1461:2009
Structure material
Indoor/ outdoor use
Outdoor use

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