Loft ladder clickFIX® 56 PRO

Top-insulated loft ladder with the possibility of even better insulation with top casing and lid.

Available in the size: 120x70 cm. Achieve even better insulation with top casing and lid, which is selected in dropdown. With patented clickFIX® technology, you avoid cold bridges. U-value with top casing and lid: 0.56 W/m2*K.

Product Properties

Floor-to-ceiling height
280 cm
50 mm

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Double sealing strip - no cold bridges

The insulation; the two sealing strips in the frame and a construction of trapdoor without wood prevent heat loss. The 2 sealing strips provide an extra tightness, which means, among other things, that the loft ladder have no cold bridges. It provides a good saving on the heating bill compared to traditional loft ladders. DOLLE clickFIX® 56 PRO is insulated with 50 mm expanded polystyrene (EPS) standard U-value: 0.64 W/m2*K. If the model is extended with a top casing and lid, the U-value is reduced to only: 0.56 W/m2*K. (This U-value is calculated). The low u-value is particularly remarkable, as all the products have been tested as a building component similar to doors and windows. Usually, u-value indications are given as a calculated center value for the trapdoor, which is misleading in connection with energy calculations. The loft ladder have been tested at the IFT Rosenheim Institute for both U-value and air tightness.

The loft ladder series with patented clickFIX® technology

DOLLE clickFIX® is the market's most unique loft ladder series on the market. The patented clickFIX® technology provides fantastic insulation value and is designed for easy installation. It is designed so that the ladder and the trapdoor easily can be replaced with the clickFIX® system. Click mounting can be done without use of special tools. The loft ladder can be mounted by one person as the loft ladder's weighs about 25% less than traditional loft ladder.

Robust loft ladder with good step comfort.

The extra strong ladder has a pine tread of 8.3 cm and 6.9 cm non-slip beech tread, which provides a good comfort. The 3-part ladder has 12 treads and a ladder width of 35.8 cm. The ladder is finished with grey plastic feet, to protect the floor covering. The strength of the entire loft ladder is tested according to EN 14975 which has a max. user weight of 150 kg, but tests the stairs up to 265 kg.

Ladder extension

An extension for the loft ladder can be purchased. It allows for an extra ceiling height up to 323.4 cm - max. 14 steps. The extension joint is 47.2 cm long and has the same width as the ladder of 38.8 cm.


1 Opening size (length)
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2 Opening size (width)
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3 Floor-to-ceiling height
280 cm
4 Total going
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Product number
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Swing clearance
149 cm
Attic ladder type
Folding ladder
Ladder material
Trapdoor material
Sandwich construction
Trapdoor thickness
56 mm
50 mm
Casing material
Casing thickness
18 mm
Outside casing (length)
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Outside casing (width)
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Casing (height)
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Number of treads
Tread material
Tread width
400 mm
Tread depth
54 mm
String material
String thickness
21 mm
String depth
69 mm
Maximum load
150 kg
Product weight
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U-value - tested as building component by testinstitute: IFT Rosenheim, Airtight EN 12207 class 4, Manufactured according to EN 14975

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