Loft ladder clickFIX® thermo

Best insulation and quality on the market

Thanks to high-quality insulation in the trapdoor, the clickFIX® thermo together with circumferential seals and corner seals in the trapdoor achieves an outstanding component-tested U-value of 0.38 W / m² · K.

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clickFIX thermo® loft ladder with 70 mm thick polyurethane insulation in the compact 76 mm trapdoor. Polyurethane has the best insulation value and quality on the market. Thus, the DOLLE loft ladder reaches the highest insulation value on the market. The U-value is record low at 0.38 W/m2 *K. At DOLLE we are testing our insulation capability and we are not just calculating it. Our loft ladders are tested on the entire trapdoor as a complete building component.

The 76-mm thick trapdoor of the DOLLE clickFIX® keeps heat efficiently in the living area and is also CPL-coated. With this particularly robust laminate, the trapdoor is significantly more abrasion, scratch and impact-resistant than other surfaces. Part of the secret lies in the top layer, which consists of melamine resin. It withstands light scratches as well as normal dirt, it's solvent and heat resistant, smudge-proof and easy to clean. The trapdoor maintains it bright white colour for a long time as CPL surfaces are colour and lightfast. The trapdoor fits discreetly into the ceiling it also remains in pristine condition.

New articulated lever, higher casing, lower steps

The patented articulated lever is another innovation. It allows installation without tools. The lever is merely plugged onto the bolt plate, turned around and cannot then solve again. The ladder section can be adjusted by up to 4 cm in height with the adjustment screws on the stud plate. For example, a ladder section that is not shortened in height can be levelled comfortably and simply. TIP: The lever should be oiled once a year for long-term function.

With a height of 24 cm, the casing offers better possibilities for installation in more insulated ceilings. For example, clickFIX® thermo can also be installed in suspended ceilings.

For greater comfort and safety, deep steps have been incorporated in the clickFIX® thermo. With a step depth of 8.3 cm, they offer an increased surface area.

Easy installation for professionals and DIY enthusiasts

The DOLLE clickFIX® thermo can also be easily installed by one individual thanks to its low dead weight and patented assembly technology with click modules: Align the casing, screw it on, hook in the hatch cover and ladder section and adjust to the room height, that's it.

The circumferential double seals and additional corner seals significantly reduce the risk of condensation forming and effectively protect against possible mold growth. The supplied Twin-Active foil as ceiling connection tape together with the on-site insulation of the building seam ensures an airtight, thermally insulated connection of the loft ladder to the ceiling construction.

Optional accessories:

Plastic feet, architraves and handrails are not included as standard.


  • Uniquely U-value of 0.38 W / m² · K
  • High quality insulated trapdoor
  • Higher casing
  • Deep treads
  • Top-insulation


1 Opening size (length)
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2 Opening size (width)
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3 Floor-to-ceiling height
4 Total going
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Product number
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Ladder material
Trapdoor material
Sandwich construction
Trapdoor thickness
76 mm
70 mm
Casing material
Laminated pine, white
Casing thickness
18 mm
Outside casing (length)
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Outside casing (width)
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Casing (height)
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Tread material
Tread width
400 mm
Tread depth
83 mm
String material
String thickness
21 mm
String depth
84 mm
Maximum load
150 kg
Product weight
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U-value - tested as building component by testinstitute: IFT Rosenheim, Airtight EN 12207 class 4, FSC® certified wood, Manufactured according to EN 14975

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