Landing banister 2 m for Calgary and Montréal Classic

Landing banister in contemporary design and for your safety

Landing banister with vertical railing - especially designed for the Montréal spiral staircase and the Calgary kit staircase from DOLLE. A landing banister or parapet railing is a big part of the visual beauty the hole way up to the mezzanine.

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Landing banister with vertical rail designed for modern homes. The contemporary design of the staircase must follow the whole way up to the mezzanine and at the same time the landing banister is a MUST for fall protection!

Landing banister from DOLLE in high quality

The landing banister consist of a 2-m long handrail Ø 40 mm and vertical railing for 2 metres. For installation of the railings you will have all the fixings included. Also included is a multiangle bracket which can be used to connect your handrail in an angle from 90° and 180°. The 2 m long and 1 m high landing banister is available in grey RAL 9006 and white RAL 9016.

Detailed landing banister mounting instruction.

When selecting this landing banister, it will cover 2 metres so you can add up as many as you need. For example, If you need 5 metres on your landing you will have to select 3 packages. Additional balusters, 2m handrail and corner fitting can be bought separately to meet your specifications.

Do you need landing banisters for round openings which is popular with spiral staircases? please contact us and we will be able to help!!

The banister railing is approved for a horizontal load of 50 kg / meter.


  • Landing banister with vertical railing
  • Secure a good finish for the staircase project
  • Scandinavian design
  • High quality
  • Landing banisters for round openings - please contact us and we will be able to help!!

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Product number
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Structure finish
Powder coated
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Indoor/ outdoor use
Indoor use

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