Do you also dream of a beautiful patio where you can enjoy the summer?

A REAL patio is made out of wood or composite decking, this will extend the house or apartments useable space significantly. The NEW patented i-Clips system from DOLLE can be used on large patio’s, balconies and a variety of external areas.

It is extremely durable and easy to install. Now everybody can make patios - all handy men and women. 


How do you get a patio that lasts?

Consider the thermo pine deck boards? Thermo wood lasts longer due to
the special heat treatment that makes the wood resistant to fungal decay.

The special thermo heat treatment provides dimensional stability and durability,
so there is no need for staining or treatment after installation.




i-CLIPS alu-rails secure patio boards in a single click

Alu-rail can be laid directly on concrete, tiles or a balcony without the need
for additional fastening, drilling or screw holes. The rails secure the patio
with a perfect precision and alignment.   




What’s the secret behind the i-clips patio?


Easy height adjustment of the patio

Do you need to adjust the height of your patio? Then you can add i-Clips feet where you
can adjust the height from 4.3 cm to a maximum of 27.3 cm. The underlying construction
now consists of the i-Clips levelling feet and the alu-rail that’s manufactured using high
grade aluminum with robust plastic components, no fixing or drilling is required.


Revolutionary patented patio system

Enjoy a patio surface completely screw less with a beautiful finish. The construction design
is a patented groove system that clicks the patio together by a quick press. One click and
the patio boards are locked securely in place.   


Warranty & Guarantees

i-Clips comes with a 10-year warranty that covers the patio for domestic use against fungal
decay and any manufacturing defects. That’s OUR guarantee because we know it lasts. 


Patio made in one weekend

Yes, it only takes one weekend to make a BIG, beautiful patio. Once the underlying construction
is in place it takes just 20 minutes to put 20 m2 i-clips patio in place. Add the boards on top of
the alu-rails then with a little squeeze and CLICK the board is in place.  Such a simple and easy application. 


Avoid a lot of maintenance

The i-clips thermo wood or composite boards offer a very smooth decking surface with no need
for ongoing maintenance and aftercare. The curved profile of the board keeps the water naturally
away from the surface.


Self-disassembly is easy

i-Clips comes complete with disassembly keys that mean you can unclip your board in 2-3 simple
movements. So, if you lose something between two boards you can use the keys to remove the
deck board from the alu rail and retrieve what you have lost – now that's brilliant! You can also
easily change the deck boards or even move the patio.


How do you get a patio:


Choose your patio deck:

  • Thermo pine

  • Kebony wood

  • Anthracite composite

  • Chocolate brown composite 


Attach your patio deck​:

With simple CLICK and without tools you can put  decking boards on i-CLIPS
aluminum rails that are laid directly on a solid, flat surface - with or without
i-CLIPS mounting tapes.
The boards and rails are easy cut with a simple saw.
Now you need only to mount the end lists on to the edges to achieve the perfect finish ...
And then your patio finished!


Raise your patio, if necessary:

Should it be raised, it is just as easy.
Simply screw the rails to the profiles.
In a moment, i-clips profile snare the pedestal. The total raised option is up to 27.3 cm
by means of i-clips pedestal and extension.


Remove your patio boards:​

Everything can even be removed just as easily with i-Clips disassembly keys.
This is convenient if you have lost something under the patio boards,
will change boards out, or move the entire patio.


See how easy it is to mount a board on your patio with i-Clips

I-Clips mounting video - See how easy it is to mount a board on your patio with ...