Click Fix concept

The DOLLE Clickfix 76 timber loft ladder offers the highest insulation value on the market. The new patented loft ladder has the name Click Fix® and represents a global innovation, which quite simply has revolutionised the market for loft ladders. The clickFIX product is the result of an innovative development process involving extensive end user consultation.

Click Fix® sets new standards for climate focus within the loft ladder industry. By removing wood from the trapdoor, it has created a new high-insulated construction, which together with a new sealing system provides Click Fix® with the best insulation value and air tightness on the market.

Unlike a traditional loft ladder (weighing up to 39 kg) Click Fix® are comprised of three separate components, the casing, ladder and trapdoor, which are assembled using a patented click system – where none of the components weigh more than 11 kg. Both tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts will find the Click Fix® much easier and quicker to install with exceptional product quality





You will experience a reduction in heat consumption, and an improved indoor enviroment as Click Fix eliminates the cold bridges which often occurs in ordinary loftladders. Read more
Learn more about how Click Fix has revolutionised the market for loft ladders and set brand new standards for assembly and climate considerations.