Kebony wood i-clips patio

The long lasting i-clips boards deck in Kebony is unique when you want a patio for many years. Kebony is a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood. Kebony used today for many buildings, facades, windows and doors.

Kebony wood has a beautiful structure and a natural long life and durability. When it is exposed to the sun and rain the kebony develops a natural silver gray patina. Performance is maintained, while beauty is enhanced. The curved profile of the board keeps the water naturally away from the surface. It also supports the long-term reliability.

i-Clips is easy to calculate that come in packs of 1 m2 (4 pieces patio boards per. package equivalent to 1 m2)

Kebony wood i-clips patio 25 x 125 x 2400 mm

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Product data

Product name Kebony wood i-clips patio
Material Wood
Color Kebony
Product-No. 4001037
Dimension 200 cm