Heat-treated pine i-clips patio

The thermo pine deck boards are outstanding when you wish long durability and unique stability. It is the very heat process that provides patio boards these unique properties. The deck boards have a beautiful brown glow like exotic woods. There is minimal maintenance on the patio, and there is no need for any chemical treatment – only ordinary cleaning. The curved profile of the board keeps the water naturally away from the surface. The tensile strength of the finished patio is unique and meets the requirements of DTU 51.4

i- clips thermo pine belongs to the Scandinavian spruce-family: Pinus sylvestris

For private use, against fungal attack and manufacturing defect.

i-Clips is easy to calculate that come in packs of 1 m2 (4 pieces patio boards per. package equivalent to 1 m2)

Thermo treated patio boards 21x119 mm

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Product data

Product name Heat-treated pine i-clips patio
Material Thermo Pine
Color Pine
Product-No. 960
Dimension 200 cm