DOLLE clickFIX 56 WH

DOLLE clickFIX 56 WH is an elegant and airtight wall hatch with a 50 mm insulated white trapdoor. The fantastic insulation and unique construction prevents loss of heat and draught.

The trapdoor is 56 mm thick, and can be fitted either left or right. The handle can be removed to prevent unwanted access to attic area.

DOLLE clickFIX 56 WH is delivered with lock, handle and sealing strip.
The wall hatch is easy to mount without any special tools.
Can be made in special sizes.

Elegant wall hatch. Casing size 54x80 cm

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Product data

Product name DOLLE clickFIX 56 WH
Product-No. 18508
Opening size 56x82 cm
Insulation 50 mm
Material (Casing) Massive spruce
Thickness (Casing) 18 mm
Height (Casing) 115 mm
Outside Casing 54x80 cm
Material (Trapdoor) Sandwich construction. 50 mm polystyrene, 2x3 mm white HDF
U-VALUE W/(M²K) 0,65 tested as building component
Test EN12207Class 4