Chocolate brown composite i-clips patio boards

The popular chocolate brown composite patio board is very beautiful and match most homes. Composite patio boards are an environmentally friendly product with very low moisture absorption.
The surface is smooth and hard, so it is optimized to resist attacked by rot and fungus. With composite patio boards there is minimal maintenance.
You most expected a little cleaning, so it is kept neat and clean, but it never requires painting or re-treated.

i-Clips comes with a 10-year warranty that covers the patio for domestic use against fungal decay and any manufacturing defects.

i-Clips is easy to calculate that come in packs of 1 m2 (4 pieces patio boards per. package equivalent to 1 m2)

Composite i-clips patio boards in chocolate brown 21 x 120 x 2000 mm

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Product data

Product name Chocolate brown composite i-clips patio boards
Material Composite
Color Chocolate brown
Product-No. 4001026
Dimension 200 cm