At Dolle, we pride ourselves in providing functional, contemporary and aesthetic quality products which, as a minimum, meet current industry standards and codes of practice. We maintain a constant focus on developing new products and models, just as we obviously test all products thoroughly before launching them to the market.

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User-driven design

We seek to involve stakeholders in our product development. There are many stakeholders in our value chain and - regardless of whether they are trades people, distributors or end users - we are pleased to include them in the process and are open to their suggestions, comments and feedback. We believe the best solution results from maintaining a close dialogue with our stakeholders in order to incorporate their input and good ideas into the product development process.

Testing new ideas

At Dolle, we value our colleagues' creative ideas and input and we therefore never write off a good idea before we have tested its marketability. Employing the principles of "Rapid Prototyping" to any new ideas on the drawing board also ensures that thought is quickly converted into action on the product development side. “Rapid Prototyping” is simply about ensuring that we produce workable models capable of illustrating the principles of the new ideas within a very short timeframe. The models are produced in whatever materials are available at the time, be that cardboard, wood, pipe cleaners and so on, so that we do not waste a substantial amount of time sourcing specific materials; at this point we are still at the ideas stage of the process, after all. If the models compel us to pursue the idea further, we create 3D drawings and prototypes in order to test its form and function and take account of all relevant aspects before embarking on the actual production phase.

Ongoing quality tests  

Before launching our products to the market, we always test them thoroughly to ensure they meet legal requirements, industry standards and guidelines, as well as our own quality demands. Our products are subjected to different types of tests, such as airtightness testing on loft ladders, strength testing on all types of stairs, repetition testing on, for example, closing mechanisms, hinges and the like, as well as tensile testing and strength testing on our banister systems.