The foundation for today’s Dolle group was laid by Carl Dolle back in 1951. DOLLE A/S was established in 1982 when Carl Dolle bought the production plant from the Dane, Erik Torrild. The plant, which at the time manufactured both household furniture and attic stairs.

Erik Torrild was the CEO until 1998, when he passed the reins onto the current CEO, Francois Grimal. Under his leadership, DOLLE has developed rapidly to become one of the most modern wood-manufacturing companies on the market. 

Originally, the plant in Frøstrup exclusively produced loft ladders for the German market; but from the mid 1980s onwards, the product portfolio was expanded to include space-saving stairs, spiral staircases and modular staircases. In addition, while it previously produced stairs in wood only, DOLLE now manufactures stairs and banister systems in aluminium, steel, plastic and glass - bringing new market development opportunities to the company.

International profile
Under Francois Grimal's leadership, DOLLE A/S has secured an influential international profile. In 2006, DOLLE A/S established a production plant to produce metal products in the Chinese town of Suzhou; and in 2008, a plant to produce wood components was launched in Ukraine. The site in Ukraine has since evolved from exclusively manufacturing components to also producing finished products for sale to the East European market.

European leader in attic stairs and banister systems
Today, DOLLE A/S is the European market leader in attic stairs and banister systems, in addition to which it exports to numerous countries outside Europe, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, the USA and Russia.




The foundation for today’s Dolle group was laid by Carl Dolle 

1982 Carl Dolle purchases the production plant in Frøstrup which is then named DHW A/S. The previous owner, Erik Torrild, stays on as the CEO.
1985 DHW A/S enters the staircase market


DHW A/S produces the first metal stairs for outdoor use.


The company changes its name to Dolle A/S.


DOLLE A/S becomes the first staircase manufacturer to become ISO certified.


A fully automated production plant for loft ladders is introduced.


Francois Grimal becomes the CEO.


The production of metal staircases is given greater priority based on the strategic decision to focus more on this segment going forward.


DOLLE A/S launches its first banister systems. This initiative proves highly beneficial to the company and is well received by the market.


A subsidiary responsible for sales in the East European market is established in Poland.


DOLLE A/S establishes its own production site in Suzhou, China.


DOLLE A/S completes a large-scale efficiency programme based on the LEAN principles and staff development throughout every level of the company is given greater priority. The result is a company capable of delivering competitive products despite manufacturing them in Denmark where production costs substantially exceed those of many other countries.


DOLLE A/S establishes a plant for the production of components in Velykyi Berezny, Ukraine.


The global financial crisis hits hard - also in the staircase industry. While many other producers are forced to cut costs or fold, DOLLE A/S instead decided to invest in product development, however, and this is a strategy that works. As the crisis subsides, DOLLE A/S has decisively cemented its position as the industry's market leader.


DOLLE A/S establishes its subsidiary in the USA - DOLLE USA Incorporated located in Mineapolis and becomes listed supplier to LOWE'S being the second largest DIY retailer in the world with more than 1700 stores.

2013 DOLLE A/S takes over ABIO A/S and establishes DOLLE Nordic A/S which is located in Aalborg, Denmark. DOLLE Nordic A/S is responsible for sale, marketing and distribution on the Nordic markets.